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        來源:http://m.xysdc.com  點擊次數:    發布時間:2018-11-06
        With the continuous improvement of the domestic economic level, people's awareness of security has gradually increased. Now many companies, schools, shopping malls and communities choose professional security personnel from such enterprises. What basic fire protection knowledge should professional security companies train?
        Firstly, in the process of assisting enterprises to carry out fire fighting work, security companies must carry out both technical and personal fire fighting at the same time, so as to achieve more effective prevention.
        Secondly, security personnel must be aware of the different types of fire-burning substances. Usually, such substances are divided into three types: ignition source, combustion-supporting substances and combustible substances.
        Thirdly, during the training process of security companies, professional fire fighting knowledge and methods will be transmitted to security personnel. Under different fire conditions, the methods adopted are different and fire extinguishing tools are also different. The most commonly used fire extinguishing methods include isolation, cooling, inhibition, asphyxiation, etc.
        Fourth, security personnel must patrol regularly to check whether the fire fighting tools in every place of the enterprise are in good condition and can they be used normally.
        Fifthly, in patrol and daily process, we need to pay attention to whether there are hidden safety hazards within the enterprise, formulate the corresponding fire control system, and implement the fire fighting equipment and fire fighting preparation work accurately, so as to make the enterprise fire protection work more reliable guarantee.
        Sixth, security personnel should also master different escape methods and close the door after escaping. In addition, security personnel should regularly transfer fire knowledge to other positions, and security companies should also assist them in training fire knowledge for all employees.
        Seventh, grasp the use of each kind of fire protection facilities, and regular maintenance, replacement, some fire protection facilities after a certain number of years, can not be used, so we must timely replace, and establish a sound fire protection facilities file, effective management.
        Above is the introduction about Weifang security. I hope that the above information can help you. Weifang Zhongtai Security Service Company will serve you wholeheartedly. Our website is: http://m.xysdc.com. Thank you for your attention.

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