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        來源:http://m.xysdc.com  點擊次數:    發布時間:2018-11-13
        Ji'nan security company: responsibilities of property security services
        (1) security responsibilities of security guards
        、  門衛保安應嚴格遵守公司工作程序及儀容儀表的規定。
        The security guards should strictly observe the company's work procedures and the rules of appearance and appearance.
        、 門衛保安必須嚴格執行車輛出入規定,發現可疑情況及時報 告,并認真做好交接班工作,因交接班不清而造成事故時,追究 交接班雙方責任
        Security guards must strictly enforce the rules of entry and exit of vehicles, report suspicious cases in time, and conscientiously do a good job of handover work. When accidents occur due to unclear handover, both sides of the handover shall be investigated for their responsibilities.
        、 值班員應文明執勤、禮貌待人,不允許與車主爭吵,更不允許 與車主辱罵斗毆。遇車主刁難或羞辱時,應保持冷靜,克制自己 的情緒,確實無法處理的事情,應迅速報告隊長、組長處理。如 車主不聽勸阻,無理取鬧,甚至態度蠻橫,動手打人,應通知領 導,將肇事者送交公安機關處理。
        Watchmen should be civilized and courteous. They should not be allowed to quarrel with their owners, let alone abuse and fight with them. When encountering the owner's difficulties or humiliation, we should keep calm, restrain our emotions, and report to the captain and group leader promptly what we really can't handle. If the owner refuses to listen to the dissuasion, makes unreasonable trouble, or even acts aggressively, he should notify the leader and send the perpetrator to the public security organ for handling.
        、 對未領卡而沖入的車輛,記下其車牌號碼,并用對講機一時 間通知其它崗位的保安人員,以免誤會。
        For vehicles that rush in without a card, write down their license plate numbers and inform the security personnel of other posts at the first time on the walkie-talkie in order to avoid misunderstanding.
        、 凡裝有易燃、易爆、劇毒物品或裝有污染性物品的車輛、大貨 車、大拖車(經管理處同意的除外)等,嚴禁駛入住宅區內。
        Vehicles, trucks and trailers containing inflammable, explosive, highly toxic or polluting substances (except with the consent of the Administration) are strictly prohibited from entering residential areas.
        、 門衛保安人員應監督、控制出入的施工人員、房產中介、拾荒 者和推銷人員入內。
        Security guards shall supervise and control the entry and exit of construction workers, real estate intermediaries, scavengers and salesmen.
        、 對駛出的面包車, 箱式貨車等, 一律停車并打開車箱進行檢查, 如發現可疑物品應立即上報當班隊長或物業進行處理。
        All vans, trucks, etc. are parked and opened for inspection. If suspicious items are found, they should be immediately reported to the on-duty leader or property manager for disposal.
        、 門衛保安應按規定對外來車輛和訪客進行盤查、 登記。 對帶入、 帶出的建筑物進行檢查、并對來訪人員通行證的發放進行控制, 減少不必要的人員進入小區。
        Security guards should check and register foreign vehicles and visitors according to the regulations. Check the buildings brought in and out, and control the issuance of visitors'passes, so as to reduce unnecessary personnel entering the community.
        、 門衛保安應與內部和外部的巡邏保安、停車場車庫的保安、及 錄像監控室的保安緊密協作與交流,較大限度地保障生命和財產 安全。
        Security guards should cooperate closely with internal and external patrol security, parking garage security, and video surveillance room security to maximize the safety of life and property.
        、 門衛保安應打掃工作區域、填寫交接班登記表、記錄當班的重 要事件、交接物品如鑰匙、雙向對講機、傳呼機等。
        The security guard should clean the working area, fill in the transfer registration form, record important events on duty, transfer items such as keys, two-way walkie-talkies, pagers and so on.
        、 門衛保安在和接班的保安完成交接班前不得離崗, 并在交接班 時立正、互相敬禮。
        Security guards shall not leave their posts until the security guards in succession have completed the handover, and shall stand upright and salute each other at the time of handover.
        、 如因保安人員在工作中玩忽職守、 疏忽大意等, 所造成的損失, 當班保安人員應該做出賠償,情節嚴重者公司追究其法律責任。
        If the loss caused by the security personnel's negligence and negligence in their work, the security personnel on duty should make compensation. If the circumstances are serious, the company shall investigate their legal liability.
        The above information is organized and published by Weifang Security Company. If you want to know more, please click on our website: http://m.xysdc.com!

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