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          Weifang Security Service Quality Standard
          Providing preventive safety services according to security service contracts, maintaining the safety and order of customer units, avoiding illegal damage to Guardian purposes or damage caused by disasters and accidents, effectively preventing customer economic losses due to the obligations of service providers or security personnel, and meeting the safety needs of customer units.
          1. Inspection Service
          (1) Security personnel should stop patrolling and guarding specific areas, locations and purposes to safeguard the safety of customers.
          (1) After inspection, deter illegal elements and eliminate their attempts to wrongly harm customers.
          (2) After inspection, suspects are found and interrogated, and those suspected of committing a crime are handed over to the relevant departments for disposal.
          (3) For the ongoing unlawful acts of damage, corresponding measures should be taken to prevent them and send the perpetrators to the public security organs or relevant departments for disposal.
          (2) Inspecting, discovering, reporting and eliminating all kinds of hidden dangers of insecurity in time to avoid accidents such as fires, explosions or robbery and theft.
          (3) In the course of inspection, the public security organs or relevant departments shall report the cases of illegal damage or disasters that have occurred in time and maintain the scene.
          Weifang Security Service
          2. Gatekeeper Service
          (1) Security personnel shall stop guarding, verifying and inspecting the entrances and exits of customer units to safeguard the safety of customers.
          (1) Check the certificates of entry and exit personnel, go through the formalities of cancellation, and stop the entry of unrelated personnel.
          (2) Stop checking the goods carried or shipped by the people or vehicles in and out according to the customer's request, so as to avoid the loss of property of the customer unit.
          (3) Command and and guide the entry and exit vehicles, liquidate irrelevant personnel and maintain the normal order of entry and exit.
          (4) Identify the wrongdoer in time, intercept the stolen goods, and do a good job of public security preparedness.
          (2) Assist client units to do a good job of reception.
          Weifang Security Service
          3. Guardian Service
          (1) Security personnel stop guarding and guarding customers for specific purposes and safeguard their safety.
          (2) Maintaining the normal order of the guarded areas and preventing unrelated personnel from entering the guarded areas.
          (3) Do a good job in fire prevention, theft prevention, robbery prevention, explosion prevention and other work.
          4. escort service
          (1) Security personnel take the way of guarding with property to safeguard the safety of customers'property transportation.
          (2) Avoid theft, robbery or other unlawful damage to the property under escort.
          (3) Through safety inspection, the hidden dangers of insecurity can be found in time to avoid accidents such as fire and explosion.
          (4) To stop inspecting and inspecting the conditions and environment of escorting and transportation of goods and property, so as to avoid occurrence of extrusion and loss.
          (5) To stop counting and avoiding the occurrence of negligence of the escorted property.
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